Making lottery more efficient and accessible

Since lottery games were introduced over 35 years ago, customer interests have evolved and technology has advanced considerably. Although about half the adult population of Ontario now plays the lottery on a regular basis, OLG’s current technology and its sales model could be improved to better meet the needs of its changing customer base.

At present, there are about 10,000 terminals across the province, but OLG’s current distribution and availability does not fully reflect the shopping patterns of most adults in Ontario. The current terminal technology limits where and how lottery tickets can be sold.

OLG’s overall objective is to grow its business by continuing to innovate and focus on current lottery retailers, as well as expanding new lottery sales options.

Private Sector Involvement

After a period of due diligence and consultation with private sector proponents, OLG has determined that selection of a single service provider to run specific day-to-day operations of the lottery business in Ontario would not provide sufficient value for the Province.

Therefore, OLG has cancelled its Lottery procurement in favour of a revised modernization approach. OLG will seek to enhance its capabilities in technology and innovation through partnerships with the private sector to unlock the full potential of the business.

In the meantime, it is business as usual: OLG will continue to operate the Lottery business: customers and retailers will see no disruption in service and modernization of land-based gaming continues.