How will Charitable Gaming change?

Recently, there has been a significant decline in Charitable Gaming in Ontario. Ten years ago, there were more than 6,000 charities raising funds at approximately 230 bingo halls, but today, there are just under 3,000 charities fundraising in 61 halls.

To generate interest, and ultimately more money for thousands of local charities, OLG is looking to develop new products and technologies that will invigorate the traditional bingo experience and appeal to a wider audience.

The plan is to introduce a standardized suite of paper and electronic games to all interested bingo halls in Ontario. Currently, there are 37 bingo centres which have expressed interest in the initiative, and six pilot sites that will test the newly expanded model.

The new product offering will include:

  • Paper Bingo
  • Electronic Bingo (eBingo)
  • Paper Break Open Tickets
  • Break Open Ticket Dispensers
  • eSuite Games (electronic bingo, electronic Instants, 
electronic break open tickets)
  • Rapid Draw Bingo
  • Electronic Shutterboard

It is expected that over eight years of operation, this Charitable Bingo and Gaming revitalization will deliver about $475 million to Ontario charities. Pilot bingo centres in Barrie, Kingston, Peterborough, 
Sudbury and Windsor have already raised almost $43 million (as of the end of May 2012) in proceeds for charities.

In addition to increased revenue for Ontario charities, this initiative will also create hundreds of part-time jobs, while preserving the role of the thousands of volunteers who are currently involved in community-based charitable activity.